Absorb -N- Dry
is an all-purpose sanitary maintenance product that is efficient and easy to use.  It enhances safety and cleanliness in the workplace.

Joe's creamy formula liquefies and gently lifts grease, grime and stains from the hands safely without water. Joe's leaves the hands cleaned, conditioned and without the greasy feeling and strong odors of competitive brands. The lanolin and skin care emollients help heal rough, dry and overused hands. Joe's is your hands best friend.


JAMAK Global Wipers is a leader in the automotive windshield wiper aftermarket. As the pioneer in silicone wiper technology, JAMAK revolutionized the wiper market with the introduction of the Tripledge Silicone Wiper. After 12 years in the wiper business, this passion for innovation does not rest. On-site engineering and testing facilities continue to provide JAMAK Global Wipers the tools to develop new wiper products that exceed our customer's expectations.


Primrose Oil Company remains at the forefront of the lubricant industry. A changing technology base, changing customer demands, and a desire to meet the needs of the future, is keeping us on the move… movement that is carrying us forward today and tomorrow.

BioSolve is the industry leader because it is both easy to use and highly effective. It is the environmentally responsible and worker friendly alternative both to foam sprays and solvent-based cleaners.



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