Benefits Of on-site Fuel

- More efficient use of employee hours.

- No lost receipts.

- No on-site fuel tanks.

- No "have to fuel" delays in shipping.

- All your fuel dollars go to fuel, not other convenience store goods.

- Convenience of always being fueled.

- No lines at fueling stops.

How It Works!

Direct truck to power unit fueling. Our fueling trucks arrive at your facility, fuel each of your units and dispense a copy of the nightly fueling sheet. When your drivers arrive in the morning, units are topped-off.

Up your Productivity!

We realize every company is unique. Scheduling, inventory control, security access, safety, and fueling procedures are customized individually. We want your business, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make you more productive. Join the winning team, join Texas Night Fueling and start saving money today.

Regular Scheduled Delivery

Whether your company has a few pieces of construction equipment or a large fleet of trucks, we can develop an appropriate on-site fueling schedule to meet your exact needs.

Safety and Environmental Awareness

Schmidt and Sons is "pro-active" towards possible future environmental and transportation safety issues. We’ve been transporting, on-loading and off-loading hazardous materials, safely, since 1960 years. Every employee (clerical, Exec.., Drivers) is required to attend and complete our rigorous hazardous material and handling safety meetings.




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